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Guiding Lights Caregiver Support Center is designed solely with caregivers in mind. We are a one-stop resource for Triangle-area caregivers, providing family and professional caregivers the information, resources, and training they need to provide the highest quality and most compassionate caregiving possible.


Our Mission

The mission of Guiding Lights is to be the comprehensive caregiver support center for family and professional caregiving.

Our Vision

To assist family and professional caregivers to obtain relevant, timely, and comprehensive information from the premier caregiving organization nationwide.

Contact Us

Tel: 919-371-2062 | Fax: 919-747-4256

Referral and Consultation

Caregivers seeking guidance on individualized care plans can use our free referral and consultation service. Call 919-371-2062 to be connected with a Care Coordination & Support Referral Specialist.