Guiding Lights Announces It Is Accepting Applicants For The “Chef Challenge”



We are so excited to be kicking off the 3rd Annual Share To Care Event for 2013! We invite your organization to enter a live PUBLIC drawing lottery to  one of the participants in theChef Challenge this year! The rules of the event are attached. If you would like to enter into the live drawing you must submit your name to Nicole Bruno via EMAIL no later than 5pm EST on August 1st.

The live drawing will be held on August 23rd from 4-6 pm at Woodland Terrace, in Cary NC. We will also be announcing our venue location and event date! Both Woodland Terrace our “Silver Spoon” award winner and Windsor Point the “Peoples’ Choice” winner will be providing us light Hors d’oeuvre to sample. As previous winners, Woodland Terrace and Windsor Point are automatically entered in the challenge to defend their titles.

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Parentcare 101 Renews Their Community Partnership With Guiding Lights

Thank you so very much to Parentcare 101 for renewing your community partnership with Guiding Lights!  We have had the pleasure of having LaVerne Coan come and present at Guiding Lights  on multiple occasions!  We also have LaVerne’s book in our library available to be borrowed at anytime!  Thank you so much for your continued support of our organization.

Sarah Care Adult Daycare Center Renews Their Partnership

We are pleased to announce that Sarah Care Adult Daycare Center in Raleigh, has renewed their Community Partnership with Guiding Lights.  Not only do they help to financially support Guiding Lights, they also provide free respite to any caregiver that would like to participate in a program or service at Guiding Lights but would not otherwise be able to due to their caregiving role and responsibility.  Thank you Sarah Care!