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2014 Annual Report

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Letter From the Co-Founders

Guiding Lights' presence in the community, its programs, and its education outreach affirm the important place of caregiving in family life. And our growth in the past year reinforces the need to continue expanding our work and building our networks so we can reach all the caregivers in the Triangle area who have nowhere else to turn with their unanswered questions, doubts, and fears.

We sometimes say that Guiding Lights "fills the gaps" in community support for caregivers, but the gaps often feel like gaping chasms! Family members want to care for their loved ones, but they can get overwhelmed by all the time and energy it takes, especially when they feel that, despite all their efforts, there are still unmet needs. And doubts arise: Can I be doing things better? Should I be able to take on more? Do I need assistance, and if so, what kind of assistance? How can I find the right providers? How can I keep on being a caregiver and still meet my other responsibilities, much less take care of myself?

Guiding Lights serves as a guide through these difficult waters - answering questions, providing training in caregiving skills, helping develop care plans, and connecting caregivers to appropriate providers whom we have personally vetted. Our staff fielded requests from an average of 265 Triangle-area caregivers each month over the past year. That's a total of 3,188 caregivers. Our services provide assistance for ongoing problems, but we also try to be proactive, providing consistent follow-up to troubleshoot, before concerns become crises. We also work to increase awareness and knowledge of caregiving in the community through a weekly radio show, television appearances, the print media, as well as through the growing number of educational resources posted on our website.

As caregiving becomes an increasingly visible part of family life and enters the vernacular of everyday conversation, Guiding Lights strives to better equip all of us to be the best caregivers we can, so that our loved ones receive the best care possible. And that, of course, is what it's really all about. We at Guiding Lights wish you the best for a rewarding, satisfying, and enriching caregiving experience. Know that Guiding Lights is here for you to help make this wish come true.

From the Co-Founders of Guiding Lights -- Nicole M. Bruno, Executive Director & Julie Falconer, Director of Programs


2014 Annual Report